Mild Mediterranean climate – charming landscapes

Lake Garda is known as the gem on the Alp’s southern edge. A mild Mediterranean climate, charming landscapes, ideal sports and recreational facilities, outstanding restaurants with a good local cuisine, world-renowned cultural events in the nearby arena of Verona and in Venice. All this stands for the charm of this northern Italian region.

“We think you will feel like us: once you have discovered Lake Garda in its diversity, it will turn into a frame of mind and you will be inspired by the longing to return.”

Olive oil

At Lake Garda, the production of high-quality olive oil is a craft that has been lovingly cared for centuries. The olive trees that thrive on the fertile slopes and fields around the lake are the fundamental base for its preparation.

Liquid gold

The magic of citrus gardens

One of the most beautiful sights of Lake Garda are the lemon greenhouses, the Limonaia, which can be admired especially in the northern part of the lake in Limone sul Garda. The Limonaia of Castel is, typical for the lemon greenhouses of Lake Garda, built at the foot of a mountain. The result is a terraced structure.


Torri del Benaco

... poets and artists were inspired here.

Once you reach the most romantic coastal strip of Punta San Vigilio, the village with its impressive Scala family castle built in 1383 Torri del Benaco lies ahead of you. Torri del Benaco - a lot of historical events, works of art and legends have grown up around this place. Many intellectuals as Franz Kafka, Friedrich Nietzsche, Thomas Mann and Wolfgang von Goethe have been inspired by its uniqueness. Dante Alighieri wrote in his Divina Comedia about the beauty of “Lago di Benàco”, the ancient name of lake Garda.

Art & history

Relaxation and quality of life

Located at an altitude of 67 m above sea level and with a population of 2.797 inhabitants, this place has turned into the second home mainly for enthusiasts from northern Europe. The picturesque harbor village, which has been largely spared by tourism, has a special charm and for many it is synonymous for relaxation and quality of life. Again and again it attracts VIPs from around the world. The village can be reached easily since it is only a few kilometers away from the highway exit. Ships also provide a regular connection to the locations on the western shore of the lake.

A place to enjoy

Culture & Cuisine

After an extensive walk through the picturesque villages along the lake shore or after some shopping, numerous restaurants offer Italian cuisine at the highest level and a high wine culture with an international reputation.

Culinaric highlights

A home for all seasons

The geographical location makes this landscape unique. When elsewhere buds are just beginning to show at the end of winter, here fruits are already hanging on the trees. Thanks to the protection of the southern Alps, there are no significant temperature fluctuations and life here is pleasant all year round.

All seasons

Gathering place for like-minded people

People’s ideas of leisure activities are as manifold as nature itself. For us Lake Garda and its surroundings express casual life outdoors where we can fully live out our passion for sports!

Only a few kilometers from Torri del Benaco lies the golf course “Cá degli Olivi”. It is an impressive 27-hole course which is playable almost all year round. But not enough: around Lake Garda there are 5 golf courses waiting to be played by you.

Golfing at Lake Garda


Lake Garda’s great attraction for water sportsmen is well-known. Windsurfing, sailing, diving, water skiing... Lake Garda offers all this and lots more in exceptional natural surroundings.

A unique natural environment


Torri del Benaco is not only beach and water, but most of all back-country for bikes, climbers, hikers, horseback riding enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Personal lifestyle


The nearby city of Verona enchants with its medieval old town. Its arena offers world-class cultural events. The lagoon city of Venice was built on more than 100 small islands in an Adriatic lagoon. Its worldwide uniqueness makes the city a World Heritage of the UNESCO with an enorm cultural and scenic value. Milan is known worldwide as a center of fashion and design. The city is also home to the Milan Stock Exchange.

Overwhelming cultural variety