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Exclusive properties, mediterranean lightness, and elegant design come together in a place where architecture and nature merge in perfect harmony. We make your dream property a reality in the most enchanting locations overlooking Lake Garda, so that your everyday life becomes a permanent vacation.

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Kurt Steurer

Kurt Steurer, designer and interior architect, is known for his expertise in interior design and his ability to harmoniously combine design and comfort in his works. Under his leadership, his father's carpentry has evolved over the years into a renowned interior design studio with an in-house carpentry, where he currently employs around 60 staff members.

Johann Hopfgartner

Johann Hopfgartner (Hans), raised on a mountain farm, began his career as a waiter. After retraining as a bricklayer, he founded his own bricklaying and painting company in 1989, where he currently employs 50 staff members.

How it all began

When Hans met Kurt during the interior design planning of his apartment, they became best friends and, with the founding of K&H Living, also business partners. With the purchase of the first plot of land on Lake Garda, an exciting time began for both of them.

We interviewed Kurt & Hans

What makes you the K&H Living team?

Hans: The division of roles between Kurt and me is entirely clear: I am the grounded one and primarily responsible for all technical aspects of the decision-making process. Kurt is the visionary with an unmistakable eye for aesthetics in both interior and exterior architecture.

Why did you choose Lake Garda as your operating location?

Hans: Actually, I never intended to build or purchase a property at Lake Garda. However, now I can't imagine life without it. I enjoy spending time there with my family and friends too much, and I appreciate the unique atmosphere of Lake Garda. Building our property led to many connections. We found that there is a strong demand at Lake Garda, yet the properties often lack the quality or amenities we expect. Currently, we have many projects under construction, but the construction phases at Lake Garda are noticeably longer than those in South Tyrol.

It's a lengthy process until a property can be handed over to the customer. What fascinates you about it?

Hans: Working on the realization of various real estate projects has always fascinated me. Creating something new and being able to provide people with a home or, as in Lake Garda, a place of relaxation, fills me with joy every time. There's still much more planned!

Kurt und Hans, where do you, as insiders, enjoy the most beautiful view of the lake?

Hans: The best lake view is from the small church in Albisano, a district of Torri del Benaco. I often go up there with friends because the view and the depth of the panorama are truly spectacular.

Kurt: From the olive grove on our property Rustico in Torri del Benaco. To gaze upon the water of the lake amidst the ancient olive trees and observe the various moods: for me, one of the most beautiful views, completely away from the hustle and bustle.

What do you associate with Lake Garda?

Hans: On one hand, the olive trees: During a Vespa tour through the roads above the lake, surrounded by olive groves, I truly feel the essence of Lake Garda. On the other hand, my breakfast table: From there, I overlook the vast lake as if I were floating right on the water. An indescribably beautiful feeling after waking up.

What does the Mediterranean lifestyle mean to you?

Kurt: The warmth and the water offer me absolute relaxation, time for dreaming and reflection, recharging my batteries, and unwinding. But most importantly, it's the time I spend there with my family and friends.

Where is your personal favorite spot at Lake Garda?

Hans: On the terrace, in my large sun lounger, I can unwind and relax while gazing out at the lake.

What does your perfect day at Lake Garda look like?

Hans: In the morning, I ride my Vespa to the village bakery to get fresh croissants. We enjoy them together at breakfast with family and friends, whom I always love to invite. Sharing my personal happiness of being in such a beautiful place is important to me. In the afternoon, I prefer to swim a few laps or explore the typical small alleys and villages around Lake Garda. A tour of our construction sites with Kurt on the Vespa is also a must. We end the evening in good company with a glass of wine and our favorite meal.

What is your favorite restaurant?

Kurt: We prefer to go to Trattoria Loncrino, where typical homemade dishes are served. From the terrace, you have a beautiful view and can relax with a glass of wine while enjoying the sunset. We also like to go to Ristorante Del Porto in Torri del Benaco. There, my favorite dish "Spaghetti alle Vongole" tastes the best.

Hand on heart: Lake or mountain, what is your favorite?

Hans: I used to be a mountain person, but now I've literally arrived at Lake Garda. At the lake, I pursue my favorite hobbies, together with family and friends. This combination of lake and mountain is certainly one of the greatest privileges we have!

Kurt: I appreciate the fortune of being able to enjoy both equally. In South Tyrol, we have a fantastic mountain landscape right on our doorstep. I love spending my, albeit limited, free time skiing, playing tennis or football, practicing judo, or golfing. If the weather doesn't suit me, I can always drive to Lake Garda. Here, I soak up some sun and relax. This way, I start the new workweek with many new ideas.

Summer and winter at Lake Garda, are both enjoyable?

Kurt: Absolutely. I spent New Year's Eve with my family and friends on our terrace in Torri del Benaco. The pleasant temperatures and the absolute tranquility at this time of year have their own charm. It's also perfect to relax by the lake during the winter months.

What makes Lake Garda the favorite place of so many people?

Kurt: The easy accessibility and the diversity of the lake and its surroundings. You can get there in just a few hours by car. Families, couples, or groups can do whatever they feel like. The range of activities is incredibly vast: water sports, climbing, hiking, cycling, swimming, relaxing, great shopping, partying, or simply enjoying good food, exploring the small alleys, and soaking up the sun – Lake Garda has something for everyone.

Why do many top clients from around the world come to K&H Living?

Kurt: Through our projects, we've forged many new connections, whether in the real estate industry at Lake Garda or with the clients themselves. I'm always delighted to be highly recommended by these individuals. However, there are certainly more reasons why clients choose us. As South Tyroleans, we are highly sought after in the German-speaking region, and our bilingualism immediately establishes a foundation of trust. Moreover, our properties surpass the existing construction quality on-site by a significant margin. Our goal is always to deliver the best for our clients and provide additional value.

Our Team

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